Life-coaching helps you move past fear and into a life of joy.

♡ Favorite topics: self-care, fashion, bodylove, femininity, aging-gracefully, healthy lifestyle, being high-value, joyful career, loving relationships, courtship, financial responsibility/abundance and flowing with God's will for your life

A one-month Joy Coaching Package is $499. Here’s what you get:

♥ Four, 90-minute, 1-on-1 coaching sessions

♥ Insightful PDF worksheets each week
♥ 1 encouraging text, email or card per week
♥ 5 minutes of Bible verse affirmations created just for YOU (mp3 download)

Clients may opt for one 60-minute breakthrough session at $100. This is ideal for ladies needing immediate coaching over 1 particular topic. Breakthrough sessions are available only for past/present clients.

Working with a coach makes creating your most beautiful self & life possible.

Important Details:
Ladies in Charlotte may opt to meet in-person. Otherwise, all coaching takes place over phone or FaceTime. Enrolled clients are free to purchase additional months of coaching, as needed.

Want to sign up? 

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My clients find freedom & healing, while embracing God's very best for their lives.